Demo Challenge Winners

The Demo has come and gone. We hope everyone got a good taste of the game while trying to beat the best times on our Autolog Wall. We tried putting down some good times as well but it seems we are no match for the fast guys out there logging in with over 10 seconds extra. Anyways, on to the results which all of you are waiting for.

The best 3 times on our Autolog Wall for PLAYSTATION 3 are:
karbonretro, F-jot and crabman_09.

And the 3 people who put down the best time on our Xbox360 version are:
MYazZz1996, xEPICxBulleyeii and SrJeremias.

All winners have or will have received a message on their PSN or Live account with some details. Please respond to them asap so we can hand out some cool stuff for you guys. We would like to thank everyone for participating and we will be coming back with some more contests after the game has been released.

For now you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter were we do have a weekly Dr.Pepper Shift2 and Hot Pursuit code giveaway. Just share and retweet the giveaway messages and get a chance to win one of 5 codes every week!


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