NFS The Run: Two Car Reveal, and Video Interview with Chris Klein

The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG created an impact on the automotive world when debuted in 2010. With its a “Race Start” launch control, and a 3.8-second zero-sixty time, it is quite fitting to be one of the many cars available to utilize in The Run. Even though the SLS has made its mark on the tracks, you’ll want to tear through the streets and highways of the US in this powerful supercar. There is some inspiration taken from the classic 300SL Gullwing, but the mighty 6.3L V8 engine puts this AMG in deep competition against other popular and modern supercars.

After 30 years, the Boss returns! Ford launched many variations of the current generation of the Mustang, but the Boss 302 was the most iconic. The Boss 302 comes packing with a 5.0L V8 power plant, producing a monsterous 444 horsepower, already over 30hp more than the stock GT version. The Boss also includes an aerodynamic package which gives lovers of the classic ’69-’70 models a true feeling of nostalgia. You’ll get the most out of the Mustang Boss 302 in The Run when you hear the quad-exhaust as you leave the starting line. A sound so memorable you’ll have to smile.

Chris Klein – Game Designer for Need For Speed The Run, talks about the Multiplayer aspects in more detail.

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