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This is the official website for the Need for Speed franchise. You can browse all the games and get the latest official details on anything Need for Speed.
International Street Racing Community
International Street Racing Community is a group of Need for Speed fans sharing setups and competing each other in weekly Picture Based Racing Competitions using latest Need for Speed titles. Our best racers are also some of the fastest Need for Speed racers in the world, but our races have multiple entry classes and are therefore suitable for racers of all skill levels. ISRC welcomes all Need for Speed fans to join our community and our competitions. is the biggest gaming fansite in Slovakia. It has been online since 2003 and news, screenshots, videos and downloads from the world of the Need for Speed is brought to our visitors almost every day. Our community has hundreds of active users, their base is in the discussion board and user gallery/showroom, which contains more than 30,000 pictures.
Need for Speed Freaks is a dutch website with the latest news, information, screenshots and video’s of the latest Need for Speed games. The place for your daily need for speed, always up to date!
NFSaddons (formerly NFSGarage) has been around for countless years, they’ve been dedicated to bringing cars, tracks, and utilities to the community for the NeedForSpeed titles as far back as NFS3: Hot Pursuit is the first French Need for Speed fansite. The website contends lots of information about the NFS franchise, news, downloadable content and of course a forum. After more than 5 years of existence became a reference for the French community.
NFS-Planet is a community website, dedicated to the Need for Speed series, featuring news and downloads of the NFS titles since the year 2000. Find information, screenshots and videos regarding Need for Speed, join our community and compare your rides in our showcase.
NFS PoliceHQ
A site that makes police cars for NFS III, NFS HS, NFS HP2, NFS MW, and NFS C.
A fansite featuring all the latest news, cheats, hints and addons for Need for Speed games and a large community with the Showroom where fans show off pictures of their in game cars. Racerplanet is a forum community for all racing fans. We’ve been part of the Need for Speed community since 2001 and have members all over the world interested in all types of racing on both PC’s and consoles.
TCM Hungary
TCM stands for Turbo-Charged Maniacs and we are one of the main community sites in Hungary, Central Europe. The community and the website started working 6 years ago, when Underground came out. We often arrange car competitions on our website, which hopefully will have an English option soon, so all of you can read and understand it. We welcome everybody on the board, even if you’re from another country, continent or World!
Team Need for Speed
Formed in 2009 by Electronic Arts, developer of the blockbuster Need for Speed video game franchise, Team Need for Speed is an international association of professional drivers, builders, mechanics and support crews representing a range of automotive disciplines.  
The World Garage is the first World dedicated fan site, driven by the chaotically hard core fans of the NFS community. With frequent competitions, planned community events and the increased social standing of being able to say you’re a proud “World Garager”, WG is the place to be for all things World. Come join the action today!
For the past 10 years NFSCars has been hosting thousands of custom user-made cars, tracks, and mods available for Need For Speed. Join the community and mod your game bringing new life to any one of your favorite Need For Speed games. Breakthroughs in new tools, new cars and tracks are readily available at NFSCars for your downloading pleasure.
The NFSTR is the only Turkish NFS site. Everything about NFS is published in Turkish (cheats, news, patches, help and support).
Need For Speed ​​Serbia is portal and forum site where you can see everything about NFS games in the Serbian language and is intended to bringing together people who play NFS. Come, register, hang with us and sharing your experiences on this game with people on the forum!
NFS Gaming, is a fansite for all Need For Speed Games – Old and New. At NFS Gaming, you will find the latest news, Live Chat, Downloads, Forums, Photo’s, Video’s, and More!
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