ND4SPDWorld NFS:PU Track Pack

This is the first of three track packs specific to Porsche Unleashed we are releasing and contains many popular tracks.
We will continue to launch packs with all sorts of content until basically all old content is back online.

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The ND4SPDWorld NFS:Porsche Unleashed Track Pack, which will be part 1 out of 3, will include the following files:

  • alps.zip
  • alpsmod.zip
  • austrianalps.zip
  • autobahn.zip
  • bronx.zip
  • canyon.zip
  • canyon_oz.zip
  • castle.zip
  • city-autobahn.zip
  • cloudcorsica.zip
  • coastal.zip
  • corsicaweather.zipp
  • desertoasis.zip
  • farmland.zip

NFS:Porsche Unleashed Track Pack (32.9MB)

After downloading, Unrar the file. After the file has been unpacked, choose one of the zip files and extract them to your Porsche unleashed folder.

– put any sky fsh in: Program Files\Electronic Arts\Need For Speed – Porsche Unleashed\GameData\Track\Sky and rename it to the regular filename.fsh

(example coastal_sky.fsh -> coastal.fsh)

– and the fsh. file in: Program Files\Electronic Arts\Need For Speed – Porsche Unleashed\GameData\Track.

Each of the files hold copyrights of the original creators.
Sadly we do not know who created these files anymore.