Need for Speed 2

Need for Speed II featured some of the rarest and most exotic vehicles ever available, including the Ford Indigo concept vehicle, and features country-themed tracks from North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. A new racing mode was also introduced in NFS II dubbed Knockout, where the last racers to finish laps will be eliminated until the only leading racer remains, and wins.

Foregoing the realism of the first Need for Speed, NFS II provided a more arcade-like gameplay style, while maintaining the intricately designed levels.[verification needed] In addition, track design was more open-ended; players could now “drive” off the asphalt, and even cut across fields to take advantage of shortcuts.

The PlayStation port of NFS II is the first PlayStation game to take advantage of not only the NeGcon controller, but both the Dual Analog and the DualShock controllers as well.

The special edition of NFS II, Need for Speed II: Special Edition includes one extra track, extra cars, and support for Glide, the then-burgeoning 3D graphics standard used in 3dfx’s Voodoo and Voodoo 2 graphics cards.

Minimum CPU Type: Pentium
Minimum CPU Speed: 90 MHz
Minimum RAM Required: 16 MB
Minimum Hard Disk Space: 10 MB
Graphics Type: SVGA
Graphics Resolution: 640×480
Color Depth: True Color



Bonus Cars

Type one of the following codes at the main menu screen to race as a new vehicle:
Effect Code
A chevy BOMBER
A Daytona car TOMBSTONE
A futuristic car FZR2000

More traffic

For more traffic simply type “Rushhour” at the main menu.

Race at Night

Hold n in after clicking on RACE to make it night time.


Bonus Cars

Type one of the following codes at the main menu screen to race as its matching vehicle:

bus — School Bus
bmw — BMW
commanche — Jeep Commanche
jeepyj — Jeep YJ
landcruiser — Toyota Landcruiser
mercedes — Mercedes Benz
miata — Mazda Miata
quattro — Audi Quattro
semi — Semi
snowtruck — Snowplow
vanagon — Volkswagen Van
volvo — Volvo
vwbug — Volkswagen Bug
vwfb — Volkswagen Fastback
armytruck — Army Truck
drive29 — Monolitihic Studios Bus
drive30 — Limousine
drive31 — Citroen 2CV
drive36 — Cart
drive37 — Outhouse
drive38 — T-Rex
drive39 — Cowboy wagon
drive40 — Wagon
drive41 — Souvenier Stand 1
drive42 — Souvenier Stand 2
drive43 — Souvenier Stand 3
drive44 — Log
drive45 — Monorail
drive46 — Hoverpolice
drive47 — UFO
drive48 — Sewage Truck
drive49 — Snowy Wooden Box 1
drive50 — Snowy Wooden Box 2

Faster Engine

To upgrade all vehicles to the Pioneer engine, type PIONEER at the main menu. This makes all cars accelerate much faster.

Ford Indigo

To unlock the Ford Indigo type RED RACER at the main menu.

Less traction on roads

At the car selection screen, enter the code ‘SLIP’. This will reduce the traction on the roads and therefore, increase the difficulty.

Monolithic Studios

To unlock the bonus track Monolithic Studios, type HOLLYWOOD at the main menu.

How to Unlock
Ford Indigo – Win Tournament Mode
Monolithic Studios Track – Win Knockout Mode