The Run: Time Attack Community Challenge – NFS Edition Showdown


The fourth week of the NFS: The Run Time Attack Community Challenge is now under way!

The Time Attack Community Challenge is a weekly event where we put your driving skills to the test by putting out a challenge to see if the community can beat our times in a Challenge Series event in The Run. For our fourth challenge, we’ll be racing on a high-speed, yet still treacherous race. NFSDrew has laid down a time of 2:52:81 on the NFS Edition Challenge in the Plains Interstate Challenge Series.

Do you want to enter this challenge? Here’s how:

1. Set a faster time than NFSDrew in the same Challenge Series race.

2. Take a picture that clearly shows your lap time on the post-race screen.

3. Send the Twitpic to @needforspeed with a hashtag of #NFSTheRunTimeAttack.

We will also accept video entries, just post them as a video response to NFSDrew’s Time Attack video on YouTube.

At the end of the week, we’ll take a random drawing from the pool of entries and that lucky entrant will receive an extra special prize from the Need for Speed swag closet!

However, there are a few rules to abide by:

-There are no regional restrictions for the challenge. Anyone, anywhere is allowed to enter!

-This competition is not platform-restricted. Whether you’re playing on XBOX 360, PS3 or Windows doesn’t matter.

-You can use whatever car you want, so long as it is allowed in the event.

-Your Twitpic or video must clearly display your time. If we cannot read it, it won’t be considered a valid entry and will be disqualified.

-Should you choose to submit a video, be sure to post it as a video response to our video.

-Using cheat programs and trainers is strictly forbidden. If you use one, your entry will be disqualified.

-Any one player can only win one week in a row. Once you win, you will be taken out of the drawing for the next week.

Abide by these rules, and you will be entered to win! See you on the track!